My Awakening Pt. 02: Best Friend

Disclaimer: all participants in this story are eighteen years or older. No minors are involved in this entry or in any future entries.

As soon as Mrs. Cheznick opened the door to her house, I uttered a hasty hello before asking if Sarah was home. Mrs. Cheznick replied that she was. The instant she asked if I would like to come in, I was already halfway through the door. I needed someone to help me process what had just happened. I needed someone who would help me sort out the writhing knot of emotions deep within my stomach. I needed Sarah.

Rushing up the stairs to Sarah's room, I was reaching for the handle of her door before I had even knocked. I quickly formed a tight fist and wrapped my knuckles smartly in the door three times before waiting for a reply.

"Be there in a second," Sarah's voice called from the other side of the door, sounding slightly out of breath.

After a few seconds of listening to Sarah fumble around from the other side of the door, taking far longer than I would have expected, she eventually open the door. Framed in the fading twilight just visible from her bedroom windows was Sarah. Her soft, golden skin was practically glowing in the sunlight. Her dark hair had been knitted in two long braids. Her dark green eyes were stringing against her black rimmed glasses. How Nick has ever fallen for me over the gorgeous girl before me had always been a mystery to me.

As I looked at Sarah Cheznick, I felt a faint blush creek into my cheeks as I realized that she was wearing a particularly baggy shirt that some how managed to still show off her full breasts and delicate hourglass frame. Beneath that were some barely visible black shorts that barely hid her full ass from view.

I'm not thinking straight, I realized, taken aback by this train of thought, I've never really given much thought for Sarah's appearance. Not in this way anyway. Must be the sea of hormones I'm drowning in at the moment.

Still, even if I had been thinking straight, I doubt I would have failed to realize that Sarah must have been bake not seconds before. Remembering that I had almost barged in unannounced, I felt my blush deepening.

"Lacey," Sarah said, sounding as if she could hardly believe I was standing before her, "What are you doing here? I thought you were going to be with Nick."

"I need to talk to you, Sarah," I said, feeling the well of shame I had started to feel since sucking Nick off in his car start to well up inside me, "I think I made a big mistake tonight."

Sarah welcomes me into her room. Gesturing for me to take a seat and her bed, she asked, "What happened, Lace?"

"Sarah," I said, my voice shaking slightly as I spoke, "I caved tonight. Things started to get heated between me and Nick tonight, and I took things further than I meant to."

"How far?" Sarah asked, her eyes narrowing, "What did you do?"

"I sucked him off. I sucked his cock until he came on my face."

"And then?" Sarah asked.

"And then...what?" I asked, confused, "That's it."

"That's all?" Sarah asked, searching the depths of my eyes as if searching for a hidden truth in them.

"Yes," I said, faintly annoyed she didn't seem to handle the news that I had finally done something physical with a boy quite as unsettling as I did, "That's all, but I don't think you need to make the whole thing sound so insignificant."

Ignoring my last comment, Sarah asked, "Well, how was it?"

"Fine, I guess," I said with a shrug, struggling to see why Sarah had started to lead the conversation down this path, "Parts of it were enjoyable, though having his cum all over my face was a little disgusting and more mortifying than I would have liked."

The corner of Sarah's mouth curved slightly at this.

"Something funny?" I snapped, starting to get very annoyed that Sarah wasn't taking this seriously.

"It's nothing," Sarah said with a shrug, "I'm just wondering what's got you so worked up. If you had a good enough time, why do you seem like you're on the verge of tears?"

"It's cause I'm a slut now," I said, moaning my response into my hands as I said it, "I've become what Katie and all at every other Bitch in our school has been claiming I am. I don't feel myself at all."

"Eating a single dick doesn't make you a whore, Lace," She said, using her cute abbreviated form of my name, "If anything, I think you're still one of the tamest girls at our school, so I fail to see why you're so worried."

"It's because I gave in and became the thing everyone expected me to be. Even you warned me thus is how it would end and here we are. Now I'm left questioning how things are going to be with me and Nick after this and scared half to death that Katie and her gang will bully me even more now."

Sarah's mouth formed an o of understanding as she said, "I see what your saying now. You're worried that you made this decision because of how everyone treats you and not cause you were sure it was what you wanted."


"Well fuck that kind of thinking," Sarah said with a jaded shrug, "Listen here, Lacey, your life is your own. You need to remember that the choices you make are for you and for you alone. Who cares what a bunch of bimbos think. If you and your boyfriend had a good time, why should anything else matter?"

"It matters," I said, getting to my feet, indignation creeping into my tone, "Because actions have consequences. Just dating Nick saw me bullied for most of my last year of high school. I don't think I can take it if things get worse at school."

"I don't think they will," Sarah said, putting a reassuring hand on my shoulder, "I think it might even get better. If everyone knew about what you and Nick did, most people would stop seeing you as a prude with a holier than thou art mentality. Hell, they might even find you more approachable."

"Not if Katie has her way," I said, feeling a lump in my throat beginning to form, "She'll do everything she can to see that I'm slut-shamed until I graduate or switch schools."

"Well fuck Katie," Sarah said, "Who care's what that bitch thinks. Stop thinking of this as a bad thing and embrace this new side of you. You'll want to have it before Nick gets tired of constantly suffering from blue balls, and decide to stick his dick in someone else."

"I can't," I groaned, rubbing at my eyes in frustration as the first stings of pain signaled the beginning of a migraine starting to come on, "I can't embrace the decision I made."

For a long while, we were quite. Sarah sat on her bed, her booty shorts completely hidden him her shirt, staring up at me as she thought of what she might say next to comfort me. I stared back at her, daring her to challenge me further. Regardless of what she tried to say, nothing was going to change my mind. I had chosen to suck Nick's dick out of fear of disappointing him rather than out of what I wanted. If that didn't make me a slut, I'm not sure what did.

Outside, I heard Mrs. Cheznick's car rumble before driving off. As if roused by the sound, Sarah asked, "Have you told anyone else about this?"

"Not a soul."

"I take it you want to keep it a secret."

"Of course I do," I said, feeling my cheeks turn a diary red at the thought of anyone else from school finding out, "I don't think I can take any more bullying than I already get from the girls our age."

"If you want to keep it a secret, your going to have to do something for me," Sarah said, a wolffish smile curling her lips, "You have to submit yourself to me. Become my personal pussy-pleasing pet."

My mouth hit the floor. "I'm leaning," I said haughtily, "I'm not sure what's gotten into you Sarah, but I don't like it. I'm going to leave and—"

"—No your not," Sarah said, cutting me off, "Not if you want to keep your little blow job to yourself. However, if you walk out that door, I promise I will text Katie Fox and all of the other girls in our grade that Nick deflowered your mouth. Perk of being your best friend is that they'll believe it when I tell them I heard everything juicy detail about the event from your own mouth."

My face was cold, my mind fogged with panic. "Why are you doing this to me?" I asked, hardly believing any of this was real. It all had to be a dream. Surely Sarah, my childhood best friend, couldn't seriously want me to become her personal sex slave.

"Isn't it obvious," Sarah asked, rolling her eyes in exasperation, "I had a crush on you from the moment we met in elementary. After all these years, I've acknowledged that you'll never return my feelings, but now that I have an excuse to have you fulfill a personal fantasy of mine, I'd be a fool not to take advantage of that opportunity."

"So what," I shot back, my anger palpable in my tone, "You just want me to come over there and start eating away at your pussy like some dehydrated dog?"

"Yes," Sarah said with a sneer, "That's exactly what I want you to do."

With that, Sarah began to disrobe. She tore her t-shirt away, revealing an already bare chest beneath, her breast swinging hypnotically from side-to-side. She ripped off her booty shorts a second later, revealing a her shaved pussy, it's lips already glistening with feminine juices. Even as I started at my former friend, I felt my moth go dry. Even as I sat there hating her for how she had used my vulnerability to turn on me, I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous she truly was.

"Crawl over here on all fours," Sarah said, emphasizing her statement by pointing a slender finger at the ground before me, "And start servicing my pussy. If you don't, I'll grab my phone and message Katie Fox right now."

"You don't even have her number," I said.

"Wanna bet on that?" Sarah said, her sneer widening, "Katie and I have actually been friends for as long as you and I have been. We danced for years together, and though she gave it up to be a cheerleader, she's still close with everyone from our dance team, including me."

Sarah and I stared each other down, waiting to see who would break first. When I realized that Sarah was as far away from bluffing as one could humanly be, I did the only thing I could think of that would save me and what little reputation I still had at my high school. I got on my hands and knees and crawled towards my best friends balled, glistening cunt.

"Good girl, my little Lacey-slut," Sarah purred as I came within an intact of her dripping femininity, "I can't tell you how much I'm going to enjoy this."

Before I could utter a single protest, Sarah grabbed my head by my hair and forced my mouth to kiss her pussy lips. While I gave that kiss half willingly, she did not let me go after. Instead, she hurried my mouth and nose as deep as she could into her cunt. Though I fought and struggled to get free to breathe in some air, Sarah held me firm.

"Not so fast, pet," I heard her say about me, "Only obedient pets that get their masters off get to breathe."

Seeing stars start to form around the corners of my vision, I did the only thing I felt I could do. I began to lick and suck at Sarah's clit. Much to my surprise, a small part of me liked it. Sarah didn't taste musky or salty that way Nick had. Though her juices flowed freely across my face, smearing as I moved my head to find the best angles, they tasted clean, refreshing, and inviting.

Sarah let out a moan as she shoved my face deeper into her gaping desire.

"Of Fuck, Lace," She panted, her breath catching in her throat, "Eat me out just like that. I'm so fucking wet. This is everything I imaged it would be and more. Of FUCK!"

Even as her orgasm began to swell in her like an orchestra preparing for a fantastic final movement, I lapped away eagerly at her beautiful pussy. As I lapped like a bitch at her water trough, I realized that my earlier shame had started to wash away, as had my fears. Who cares what would happen after Sarah and I finally finished this insane, wonderful, and extremely erotic madness. All that mattered now was eating out my mistress in the hopes of pleasing her. In short, I was lost to the thrill that came from favoring my best friends golden honeypot.

"Oh, shit, I'm gonna cum!" Sarah screamed, her back arched, gripping her hair with her one free hand. "Shit, shit, shit."

And come she did. Her orgasm made her shake and tremble as the juices she gushed seemed to flow like a flash-flood. She released my hair, and I fell back, gasping for breath even as my mind begged me to keep eating Sarah.

For a while, the two of us merely panted as we recovered. When at last Sarah had come back from the waves of pleasure that rose and fell within her, she ordered me onto the bed.

"What do you want from me now," I said, sighing in resignation, even as I felt my own past start to burn with desire.


I felt a fired hand ignite my ass with a single slap, burning it with pain.

"Pets are not to speak to their mistresses without properly addressing them before making a request," Sarah said, her tone firm as any teacher at our high school, "If they speak out of turn, they are punished. Now, obey me and keep that ass of yours in the air."

I did as I was told, burying my face in her sheets as I kept my ass skyward. I heard Sarah rummage around in her drawers before returning to the bed. Unable to see what she was doing, I only felt her tug one of my hands toward her before I felt the cold metallic steel and heard the clicks of that same metal locking in place. I immediately tried to pull away, only to find that my hand had been cuffed to the bed.

"What the fuck is this?" I demanded.


This time I let out a low moan of pain as my other cheek burned with a furry red handprint.

"I told you I'd punish you if you spoke out of turn," Sarah said, tutting as she cuffed my remaining limbs to the bed, "For that I'm gonna have to gag you."

Before I could protest, I felt her slide the small plastic ball into my mouth before fixing the leather straps so it stayed firmly in place.

Sarah moves away from the bed again. I tried to see where she had gone, but was completely immobilized now, with my stinging as held high above my head. I heard Sarah fumbling with a few more straps, their sounds the prelude to what was to come.

When she returned, Sarah stroked my pussy slowly and deliberately, her fingers coming away glistening. "Well look at you!" She said with a smirk, "I don't know that I've ever seen a woman so turned on by having her ass smacked and by pleasing her new mistress. I'm impressed, and that's saying something when you consider how many of our classmates I've fucked senseless."

I moaned vaguely against the gag, but it completely voided my ability to speak. Instead, I merely felt my slut start to lather the ball gagging me.

Without giving me a proper warning, Sarah leapt onto the bed and slapped my pussy. I cried out as an electric shock of pleasure and pain coursed through my body.

"Like that, you dirty slut," Sarah asked, slapping my pussy again, "You just wait. I have something you'll like even more."

Though I couldn't see what was happening, I felt Sarah grab my hips even as something massive pierced my virgin cunt. I cried out, but the gag made what would have been a shrieking curse a mere moan and dribble of spit.

"You have such a nice little cunt here, my pet," Sarah said, letting the length of what I guessed was a strap on slide further into me, stretching me out as she forced me to accept the massive cock, "I'm just glad Nick didn't have the balks to deflower you tonight. If one of us has the right, it's me. Isn't that right, my little Lacey pet."

She rammed me with her clock, pushing her hips flush with my ass, making me scream into my gag as the cock stretched me to my breaking point. Sarah slowly eased back before ramming into me once more. Slowly but surely, this barrage of attacks on my sopping wet pussy turned into a rhythm. That rhythm began to beat faster and faster, and with it came the tides of pleasure. I soon found myself on an orgasmic cloud, babbling senselessly into my gag as my best friend fucked me roughly, commenting on how much I seemed to be enjoy in it. She was right. My hips rocked back and forth to meet her every thrust, forcing the cock deeper and deeper into my now gaping cunt. Even as Sarah fucked me as roughly as she possibly could, I found relief in the simple truth this lesson was teaching me. I was truly Sarah's slave.

When my orgasm broke, I screamed. I was glad for the gag, as it kept Sarah from hearing how I cried out that I was truly her slave, now and forever.

Even as I quivered and trembled from my orgasm, I felt Sarah flop down on the bed next to me and say, "What a way to start this off. I can't wait for tomorrow. I want to surprise you, and I know just how I'll do it, my little lesbian slut."

Even as Sarah said this, I felt my stomach knot up with fear. Sarah has no intention of letting me walk away from today and pretend it had never happened. Quite the opposite. With that realization, I began to understand how well and truly fucked I was.


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